Wednesday, 4 March 2015

imPRESS Press On Nails

Disclaimer - I have weird shaped hands!

This is my first experience with false nails and honestly, putting these on was pleasantly easy! With 24 in a pack, it was easy to find sizes that fitted my nails. The issue was running out of ones that fitted the best as it would appear that I require all the medium ones for my nails.

The length however, is not a good thing. Can you believe that these are the MEDIUM ones?! As someone with fairly okay nails, that bemused me beyond belief. I feel like I have TALONS. My cat has shorter claws than these.

The box states that they last up to a week; I lasted all of a day and a half. It became clear to me that they just weren't for me. Probably because my nails are fairly long anyway...that and they just would not adhere to my left thumbnail, which was mighty frustrating.

Conclusion? These are fab - they just aren't for me. I need to stop being lazy with my nails! For people with short nails however, these are great!

One more additional point...can I say that typing with these things on is a BITCH of a task? Seriously, I couldn't seem to deal with the shift key...and I swear tapping with the nails is the only way to type this stuff glued to me. (Too grumpy?!)

Boots link: HERE!

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